Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Some of the goings on's around here!

On this trip we rented an apartment in the same hotel complex that we stayed at last year - it is not as luxurious as the suite we had last year but it is bigger, has a kitchen and a washer/dryer.  The kitchen has been a huge help as Allyson gets overwhelmed when we go out to eat and ends up not eating anything (and usually Steve doesn't either!) We have only been out to eat a few times other than breakfast.... take away has been our friend - lots of pizza and noodles :) We have a grocery store down the street so jelly sandwiches, grilled cheeses and ice cream have been abundant around here :)

Someone needed a little alone time!

The playground at the hotel.
We did get out to one of our favorite places to eat! Well, we ate minus Steve & Allyson.... he was walking around with her and we took his dinner back to our apartment. We might try again our last night - I have to say Kian was a LOT easy to bribe with food!


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