Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 13

Hmmmm. did not realize we were flying home on the 13th day of our trip! Today our flight back to the states is at 6pm so we have some time to get ready for travel. We requested a late check out from the hotel (no problem - the Sky City Marriott is so great!) so we had breakfast at the hotel and went for a swim in the hotel pool before packing up. We caught the airport shuttle bus over to the airport (5 minutes) and got checked in.

Onto the plane!

Mr. Safety

Watching the safety video

This is about 10 minutes into the flight.... he ran me & Declan over to get to the window seat!

It was about a 15 hour flight... there were minimal meltdowns, lots of snacks and no one threw up - which was an improvement from last years flight home!

Hanging out watching TV at 2:30 am....
jet lag from a 12 hour time difference is horrrrrible!

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  1. Wow just read your whole trip! Hope to be there next spring... if not before! wishful :)Terry