Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 11

We are on the move.....

Last breakfast at the Garden Hotel -

I can not believe this photo happened! I asked them to stand there and they did - I almost fainted ;)

This is usually the look I get when I ask them to stand somewhere to take their picture!

If you have met Kian in person you have heard how excited he was to take the train. He told everyone for 2 months he was going to take a train while we were in China.

Time lapse of the train - this is 8 minutes after departure! 

The seat of sleep..... yes they are all out!
We arrived in about 2 hours in Hong Kong, ate some McDonalds and hopped a cab, checked into our hotel room (Sky City Marriott) all and all a very easy trip! We all swam a bit in the hotel pool and then early bedtime - off to Disney in the morning :)

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