Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 10

Today I went shopping with a local guide that knows all the best places to get great gifts at great prices... we went with her last year and she was great - same for this year.  Here is some of the loot I bought!

Christmas ornaments

ninja suits :)

silks for the next 8 years!

jade bracelet for Allyson

jade family ball

part of the shopping market we went to

need a pool?

more goods!

Later today we will get Allyson's travel visa and we will be able to move onto our next stop - Hong Kong! We could leave tonight (we did that last year) but we decided to stay the night since we will not have her visa until 4 or 5 pm and we are moving more people :) We also wanted to take the train to HK this year - last year we hired a van, which was fine but if you know the people I am traveling with you know they LOVE trains! Plenty of people in the adoption community have taken the train and recommended it so we are doing it - we figured leaving in the morning after rush hour would be better than leaving at 7 or 8 at night after rush hour! Our guide has already purchased the tickets for us and will meet us in the morning after breakfast :) While in HK we will visit Disney Land like we did last year. We again were prepared for one of us to stay with Allyson at the hotel if she was not up to going but she did great at the Safari Park so we think she will be fine!

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