Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 8

We went to the Safari Park today - it was a holiday here in China so it was a bit more crowded than last time but still not bad at all!

First stop ~ feed the baby tiger

Next stop ~tigers

Snack time~

Nap time ~

Feeding the giraffes ~
Then Kian passed out!
Off to the pandas and elephants ~

Not a fan of the heat! He is lying on giant chunks of ice.... inside in the AC! My kinda bear.

Lunch time!

Allyson loves noodles!

She also loves Pop-pop and her panda bear.                                                                                         
 The park also had a few kid rides - this was Kian's choice - it went about 3 mph.... I don't even like rides and was about to get out and push - but it was too hot! Please note the fan in the corner, it really helped cool things down ;)

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