Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 12

We are not sure whose kid we brought to Hong Kong with us.... Allyson is a different person here than she was on mainland China! She is interested in playing with her brothers, not crying all the time, will let me help her with things and is really showing a bit of her funny personality! She loves to tease you with food and will offer it and take it back real fast when you reach for it, she loves peek-a-boo and she is laughing at her brothers antics when they engage with her. They are a bit more willing to engage with her now that she is not screaming about everything ;) She was not miserable all the time but the percentage has flipped from mostly not happy to mostly happy!

At 10am we jumped on the hotel shuttle to Disney Land, the excitement was overwhelming.... well it was for Declan & Kian anyway :)

First stop Buzz Lightyear - it was raining a bit when we got to the park so we headed for Buzz since it was a n indoor ride. We thought it would be packed but nope - NO line at all. We rode it 4 times in a row!

Next stop was Adventure Island where we could take a little raft over to the island where Tarzan's tree house was located. On our way over we heard thunder - ut oh. Outside rides closed for a half hour or so, luckily it did not rain or storm long and we were able to occupy ourselves for a bit while waiting out the weather....


Finally we were able to head over to the island - after our 35 second boat ride we went to explore.... Pop-pop and Allyson hung back on a bench. Smart move. The humidity at this point was about 10000% and very hot.  Lucky Steve & I got to climb the tree house not one time but two - yea. It was pretty cool, there were instruments to play, all different levels to climb and explore while the story of Tarzan was presented.

We went and got the fast pass for the Winnie the Pooh ride (not sure how that works here but it was great in HK) we went back to see Pom-pom - as Declan refers to him!

We ended up doing this ride 3 times! The last one Pop-pop and Allyson joined us.

With the rain and storms moving through the outdoor rides kept closing so we did a little shopping....
and we really lucked out because the rain ended and the rides were reopening while we were near the little race cars (which are always a long line!) we hopped in line and didn't wait at all :)

Off toooooo - 

Kian napped through Toy Story land.... Allyson rode her first ride - she did not like it to much!

The END!

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