Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 9

Today was our consulate visit, we just needed to show up with our piles of paperwork, Allyson and me and Steve. Nothing is allowed inside the embassy so no photos from in the building :) it is a new facility and different from the one we were in for Kian's appointment. It is a very business like atmosphere and we were in and out (including security in 30 minutes or so) - this is where Allyson's entry visa will be process - in 24 hours - what a turnaround!

As you can see - Allyson was overwhelmed with excitement! She will be a US citizen as soon as we touch down in Newark NJ on the way home.

That was it for the day... Kian is not feeling well and Allyson is not adjusting to family life with us in the most positive way -  behaviors that we will deal with once are home.... thankfully she was very loved but also very spoiled at her foster home and now is attaching to my dad (because he does not tell her to not play with things and will carry her everywhere!) it is not a good thing for her to be confused as to who her caregivers are but we are not fighting the fight right now because she is so unhappy and we are just trying to survive the trip.

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