Saturday, May 17, 2014

Travel Plans

Flights are booked, hotels are reserved and appointments are lined-up! We are headed to China ~ here has been the process so far:
Clear as mud! Don't worry we will keep you posted from here on out ;)

We are flying out on Friday night (early Saturday morning actually!) direct to Hong Kong. From there we have a short flight into mainland China. We will be staying at the same hotel we stayed last year when we adopted Kian. It is The Garden Hotel,  a 5 star hotel in Guangzhou China. (Also for reference - it is where The Little Couple stayed when they adopted Will. I had no idea how many people watched that show until we adopted Kian around the same time as they adopted their son!)  We are fortunate that our daughter is located in this same province so we will remain here for the entire 10 days that it will take to complete the entire adoption process. Then back to Hong Kong to hit Disney and sightsee.

We will get Allyson on Monday May 26th and she will be with us from that point onward.

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