Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 3

Today we made Allyson's adoption official, we went back to the provincial office where we met her yesterday and signed all the paperwork. She was a good little trooper for all the boring detail parts that we had to sit through.

 Allyson is a daddy's girl through and through - he has to be the one to hold her and comfort her at this point. We kind of expected that since we knew she was very attached to her foster mother. She will tolerate me but there is no love lost if I am not around! She had a complete meltdown today when she thought Steve had left and she was stuck with me - I was actually concerned for her safety because she was flailing around so much!

Kian is warming up to her more than yesterday although she loves to push his buttons and mess up anything he is playing with ;) we think Kian has a tad bit of better understanding of how much he was tormenting his brother for the last year :) Kian and Declan both woke up this morning and their first question was "where is Allyson"?

 We are getting a lot of swimming in while the weather is nice!
Jet lag is a killer though....

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