Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 2

We have Allyson! She is a complete riot. She has a very great sunny disposition and is fitting in well. She was very nervous at first but just like her older brother we think she was well prepared for what was happening. She is chatting up a storm, running around with her brothers and telling them how it is ;) Declan slept through the whole process of us going to pick her up, signing all the papers and leaving with her! Kian is not 100% on board with her being here but doesn't seem to mind her to much!

When we picked her up we were told that she is either on the move or asleep.... so far so true :) She is a busy, busy bee. As of now (9 pm) both the boys are crashed out and she is going strong. She will not change into jammies so to my local peps - don't be offended if you see this sassy lady in the same duds at breakfast!


  1. Congratulations! What a doll! So happy it was an easy transition! Will pray for your son!

  2. What a precious girl. It looks like she is fitting right in. So happy for you all! Congrats!!

  3. OMIGOSH! I can't believe how sweet she is. What a doll. So happy for you my friend. SO HAPPY, I'm tearing up right now :)