Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 5

Today did not start out so well for Allyson.... she is very tired (missing her good 3-4 hour naps) and has had enough of us. She woke up crying and inconsolable this morning, she will only let Steve hold her at this point - he calls her his appendage :) so that is getting tiring for him also.  She has had a lot of changes this week and is a "tad" more vocal than her brother was at this point of the process!

We had a visit to her orphanage scheduled today and were hoping that seeing her foster mother would help her understand better what was happening and help explain to her that we were mama & baba.  We are sure that her foster family explained it before but she is only two so the fact that she would see us all together talking about what she likes and dislikes might help her understand.  We feel that it is important to go back and visit the orphanage so we can tell our kids where they came from and were cared for when they were babies. We have no knowledge of their lives before they came there so any information might be helpful when they are older and curious about their beginnings. It is not always an easy thing but in our minds worth it in the long run. There were a lot of tears, from foster mom, our guide, me, the other nannies and Allyson but she got to say good-bye and has really turned a corner with all of us.

While at the orphanage we got to meet some kids that are looking for families and visit with them for a bit (we asked to see them to get photos & info so they can be advocated for here in the US) our kids had a great time playing with them and we were honored to ask about them, give them some love and attention - hopefully their families will find them soon! Please, please, please  -if you are even thinking about adoption - call or email our agency Madison Adoption Agency - they are beyond wonderful and caring they will give you any advice and answer any questions that you have about

 While we were touring around - pop pop kept the troops entertained on the playground.

Kian's foster mom got to see him!

We also had a "simple" lunch as they called it - it was quite a spread - at least 10 different dishes - pork, fish, rice, eggs & tomato, dumplings and more! It was all great food and we enjoyed being able to sit down with the people that had taken care of our kids.

Allyson is now sometimes letting me do things.... I am on clean up - she lets me wipe her hands and face. No holding her yet but I am able to touch her! She lets me help her go to the potty (yes - she is potty trained!). She still goes to Steve for comfort and direction but at least she is looking at me now :) slow and steady wins the race. 

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