Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 4

Today was Kian's 3rd birthday. He celebrated in style all day and told everyone we saw that it was his birthday - so cute :) He seems so big and older since we met Allyson... he is such a sweet boy and is loving his trip to CHINA. It is all capitols because for some reason him and brother always say it really loud!

We had no where to be this morning so after breakfast we walked down to the garden and koi ponds to play with bubbles.

After the bubbles you will never believe where we went - the POOL! Shocking I know :)
We also went to Allyson's medical appointment and the police station to apply for her passport. Not too exciting but jobs that have to be done to complete all the paperwork!
As you can see she is tickled by these appointments. We also learned today that she does not like to be woken up and do said appointments....
For Kian's birthday dinner we went to his favorite Mexican joint in China! Tekila's is down the street from our hotel and we ate there a few times last year and he loved it so we went there last night.
Hmmm.... seems to be someone else's favorite place also!
Watching people play pool....
On the way home we stopped at a great pastry shop and got a dessert to complete the birthday party!

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  1. Happy Birthday, KIAN! We are so happy to have you in our lives and to see you grow up to be a strong, godly man who changes the world!!!!! Hope your day was SUPER DUPER AWESOME! Love, Brynna and Miss Tracy :)

    And, love, love, love Allison's tee :) She and B can be matchy matchy :)