Sunday, April 7, 2013


Friday we did a bit of shopping.... I hired a local guide who runs a business helping families shop for their adoptive kids while they are in China. She also runs a website that will deliver packages to your child while waiting for all of the approvals! She was great and took us to a wholesale "mall" she has contacts that will sell to her and her clients for a good price. She does all the negotiating for you and is a complete pistol. She is about 4 feet tall and is a whirlwind! My 6 foot tall dad was having trouble keeping up so you can imagine what I looked like! We also went to a jade market that was outside and sold all kinds of jade pieces..... it was quite an experience.

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  1. We loved shopping at that place! We want to go back there to get our boys more of the knock off Legos. :) Sorry to hear you are not having good weather. Hope you are still getting to get out a little bit- it's hard being cooped up in the hotel.