Monday, April 15, 2013

Consulate Appointment

On Thursday we had our Consulate appointment to complete Kian's paperwork for entry into the USA. It is a very business like atmosphere but quick and painless! His VISA for entry was processed and were able to leave the next day.  My dad and Declan stayed back at the hotel because it was raining (again) very hard and we had to leave early in the morning for our appointment. Since Declan was on VACATION he doesn't like to get moving that quickly..... good to know he is relaxing :)

 After our appointment we went to a HUGE bookstore - of course most of the books are written Chinese but we browsed the children's section and got a few English/Chinese books for Kian and Declan.

To celebrate we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant - it still cracks us up that some of the best food we had in China was Mexican!
Steve.... slowly losing his mind....

 This dish was an appetizer that we ordered for all of us... somehow it ended up on Kian's side of the table! Normally he will share any food he has with no problem - I was almost stabbed by that fork when I went in for some for the rest of us. He really liked it so I guess I will need to make some french fry nachos soon!

Helping mama and baba pack to go home. 


  1. Yay! Glad it has been such a great trip!

  2. Mmmmm, french fry nachos! We used to make them for dinner a lot when Daddy was a traveling man. Fun and can be done pretty healthy without the kids even knowing :) LOL.

    After today's shopping spree, I am so.dreading. the pack up. Might have to leave some STUFF behind. Good thing I brought jeans I don't love. heh.