Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Disney Hong Kong

 While planning our trip to we decided to leave through Hong Kong as the flight options were easier and cheaper. Hong Kong is located about 2.5 hours south of where we stayed so we rented a van and driver to give us a ride as soon as we received Kian's travel visa. While reading some info online I discovered some families visit Hong Kong Disney at the end of the trip.... well Declan has never been to Disney and we knew he would love it :) kind of a reward for being dragged around looking at all the stuff we wanted to see not to mention becoming a big brother! Through our adoption agency we knew that Kian was an active, extroverted and playful little boy so we figured he would like it also.... if not the plan was one of us would stay at the hotel with him and chill out. Luckily we felt he was up for the experience - good thing we ended up there for almost 11 hours! We all had a great time and it did turn out to be the perfect end cap to the trip.

Can you guess where we are headed?

Someone's new best friend.

You thought food was expensive at Disney World?! (this is in Hong Kong dollars)

Toy Story land. We spent a loooong time here!

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  1. Just read your post on Shenzhen families and wondered if u have a blog! Yea!! I'm gomna catch up on your trip! Our son is in longgang. So you did HK Disney huh??? We've been considering this as a before or after part of our trip. I can't imagine doing it without our son, but question of he'll be up for it. Glad to hear it was a success!!! :)