Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kian seems to be settling into our family quite well. His personality is very easy going unless you take something away that he wants- then watch out! He puts any kid I have seen to shame with the howling, tears and DRAMA! We could chalk it up to being out of his element ect - however his foster mom told us that is how he is..... He loves to be outside, be active and is pretty social. He will not go to anyone other than me, Steve or my dad but that is a good thing - it is what we want at this point of the process!

Enjoy those chips buddy, we do not have Mexican tomato chicken flavor  at home.... 

There have been a few tears, tantrums, some biting and pinching but these things are to be expected when you are handed off to a bunch of people you don't know and do not speak your language! Overall he likes being carried in the Ergo and waving to people. Oh and did we mention he like to eat? When we asked what his favorite food was we were told food. They were not kidding :) His favorites so far seem to be bananas, yogurt, rice, pork and of course noodles! We have not found anything he flat out refuses to eat.... he is also a good sharer - he will bring you food and toys.
We met Kian's foster mother & foster sister :) She really loved him  & it shows :) 
Pop-pop kept the troops entertained at the orphanage while we toured around the facility.
Bye-bye orphanage..... one less.

I find it the height of irony that we had to prove six ways to Sunday we are good parents and decent enough people.... yet we can drive all around China without carseats! Yes, the car is in motion.

Mexican in China? Um ok..... it was really good! We will go back before the week is over :)

Kian getting used to his carseat - in the room - not the car!

Shopping trip with a few other families. The guy in blue is our guide Richard. He takes us around everywhere and also helps with our adoption appointments and paperwork. 

We had "chops" made with the boys names. It is a hand-carved stamp that Declan had to try out as soon as we got back to the hotel.


  1. Glad you got to visit the orphanage and meet your son's foster family. We loved that Mexican restaurant too!

  2. so fun to read your journey.... what a BRILLIANT idea to get him used to the carseat that way :) We are quaking in our shoes already at the thought of Miss Sassy Pants for 14 hours on a plane. OY!