Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 1, 2014 marked our one year Family Day with Kian.

It has been quite the adventure  - Kian is a smart guy who was thankfully loved and cared for in China. This has made the transition to our family fairly easy and is making strides on his speech by leaps and bounds!
This past year was full of firsts for Kian - first time at the beach!
 First birthday party!

First camping trip!
First zoo trip.

First time having daddy's wings for the Eagles game :)
First Halloween.
First passport.

First Thanksgiving.
First snow!
First Christmas... looking a tad nervous - he is on board with Jesus but Santa is another story!
First time sledding.

First US Chinese New Year.

These among other firsts made Kian's first year home an eventful fun time. Declan is adjusting well to being a big brother... and is ready to do it again!

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