Saturday, March 30, 2013

So as many of you know Declan has asthma so we brought our nebulizer for his albuterol treatment. Talk about a perfect storm Declan's asthma, 13 hour flight with dry air, lovely acidic smog of Bejing. As soon as we got to the room we started his asthma treatment withthe nebulizer only to have the electrical supply fry the nebulizer,  thank god Jen packed the Amish huffer so he could still do his treatments. Poor guy was coughing like once every 10 seconds. After a solid day of his treatments Declan is doing much better, it didn't hurt that today we toured sights outside of downtown Beijing; Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace.

Temple of Heaven

Summer Palace Shops on canal

Temple of Heaven

Summer Palace

Declan fan club

Lunch @ McDonalds

Superstar Declan @ Summer Palace

Pop-pop and Declan Temple of Heaven

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